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Problems in the Third World Countries

            The third world countries are facing several disasters, which have been a cause in naming them "Third World Countries". Despite the fact that the UAE is one of the third world countries, it has overcome several problems. But the rest of the countries, primarily in Africa have serious problems that threaten their population and economy. Despite that, developed countries can assist them to overcome these problems.
             There are numerous problems that are facing the third world countries. First of all, the most common problem is healthcare. It is known that the third world countries are suffering from fatal diseases, which threaten the population. Such diseases are caused by the polluted environment, lack of good food and consume the dirty water. Moreover the lack of hospitals, medicines, doctors and equipment cause the spread of these diseases. .
             Furthermore education is a major problem, which affects the literacy rate in these countries. Lack of schools, teachers, and books affect the countries badly which means that without education there is no development. In addition discrimination against women is a major cause of illiteracy. .
             Additionally food, human rights and the economy are facing real problems. Lack of food causes starvation which threatens the population. These countries have no good soil for growing crops, no seeds, no good water and no fertilizers. The human rights should be considered as a main problem, because these countries are downtrodden. They suffer from the landmines, wars, no weapons to defend themselves, and the children have been slaved for labour. Finally, these problems affect the economy badly. These countries have a dreadful economy which led them to be underdeveloped.
             It is believed that there is no solution for the third world countries" problems, but if the developed countries take action there will be an improvement. For example, the developed countries should establish non-government organizations to pay attention for the serious issues that take place in the third world countries, and attempt to solve them.

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