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Poverty and World Problems

            I bet you did not know that a child dies of hunger every five seconds. In "The Singers Solution to World Poverty", by Peter Singer, he reveals that rather than spending money on luxuries, non-necessities, we should give away in various ways to different organizations. Doing this, we have an opportunity to save the lives of children in many third world countries. The average family in the United States spends nearly one-third of its income on things that are not necessary. Children around the world are suffering from hunger and poverty each and every day. There are many ways to begin; volunteering, donating, education, and influence others to make a change. Eradicating world poverty has always been a priority, and now it can be with the help of others.
             Child hunger and poverty has become one of America's leading problems and has been a consistent problem throughout history. No matter what the median income is, unemployment or overall prosperity level is, there will always be people who are homeless and hungry. It is a problem that affects a large number of children all over the country. There are many causes of child poverty and hunger. These causes are all directly or indirectly a result of people, whether it be the rich or the poor. This problem is recognized all over the world. The government has set up many programs to try to help, and people need to take this into consideration. Child poverty is a huge social problem and in order for something to become a social problem it needs to affect a large number of people. Nearly six million children under the age of eighteen are affected. Many of us do not realize what "poverty" actually is; Poverty is hunger, Poverty is the lack of shelter, being sick and not being able to see a doctor, not able to attend school, illiterate, jobless, and lack of freedom.
             Singer implies, "Americans are spoiled; we have become materialistic, fulfilling the "American Dream", while many are ignoring the millions of lives in need.

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