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Steps to Ending Poverty

            NO! Poverty cannot be removed from the world. People refer to it as the cancer of the planet. It can be decreased or minimized but to remove it is impossible. Thankfully we have organizations like UNICEF, UN, WHO and RED CROSS who are on the frontline to ensure poverty does not create havoc in the world. Statistics have shown that nearly one billion people have been taken out of extreme poverty in the last 20 years. Poverty is a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs including food, shelter and clothing. It also takes into account other needs such as sanitation facilities, safe drinking water, education and information. Up to now an estimated 1.4billion people live in extreme poverty and 90% of them are from developing countries. Africa and Asia are where we have the greatest number of poor people. .
             Poverty reduction has been a very long and hard battle. With time, more efficient and simple ways have come up to alleviate the impact of poverty in societies. But still, it has remained a challenging problem to eradicate. In theory, economic liberalization and growth can be considered as the best weapon against poverty. According to surveys, the world has enough resources for each and every individual to fulfill their basic needs. So by now poverty should not have been such a tricky problem for mankind. But when it comes to practice, a lot of obstacles arise. Corruption and the greed for power and wealth have always stuttered our effort towards a poverty free world. When it comes to economic help many developed countries prefer to turn a deaf ear. They would rather invest their capital in political parties or for military purposes rather than sending much needed aids to struggling countries. The cost of one US bomber alone can sustain the needs of whole villages in Africa for weeks. Governing bodies must become honest and more generous in order to inch closer towards decreasing or removing poverty on the planet.

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