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The Destiny of Future Generations

            Have you ever thought about how your children's and grandchildren's life will be in the future? Is it peaceful, rightful, healthy, sophisticated, and joyful? In our daily life we do a lot of activities as a part of our living; we work to earn money, go to schools to improve our education, consume natural resources for nutrition, manufacture stuffs from different materials to use, use chemicals to keep things around us clean, and meet new people and debate with them to socialize. We do all of these things for ourselves and to continue living without thinking of the consequences on other's future lives. Since humans have intelligence and influence, the present generation can act wisely to build the better future for their descendants, and to ensure that they will not face serious issues, such as crimes, wars, violence, poverty, drugs abuse, polluted environment, lack of natural resources, new diseases, obesity, job crisis, and education disparity. Humanity can create the best possible world for future generation by implementing three main things: conserving the environment, working out of poverty, and taking control and helping prevent crimes.
             One way to ensure greater life for the upcoming descendants is to preserving every element in our surroundings for them. Everything around us, everything we use, eat, drink, and breathe; and the different ecosystems of the planet are all part of the environment, and we must keep them sufficient for the future generation. In fact, people can help saving the environment using different ways, particularly by conserving energy, water, and gas; recycling, nurturing the outdoors, and reducing the material consumption. For instance, using renewable sources such as burning fossil fuels is a form of saving the energy. Similarly, people at homes use skylights on ceilings to reduce the use of electric lights. Another example is to avoid using pesticides and chemicals that kill hundreds of animals per year, which is a form of keeping the biodiversity alive.

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