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The Importance of Reading

            The importance of reading is the quintessential factor for either determining an individual's success in the rigorous and competitive world that the word is facing today or that individual's inauspicious downward spiral into failure. The era in today's world is facing an overload in technology that only a small minority is able to keep up with the important ability of reading. Reading is the most important asset a child will ever have because when that child matures and becomes an adolescent or an adult that individual will be presented with various tasks that involves reading. High schools today are filled with a more chalk full academic curriculum revolving around reading in order to keep up with the state's goal in performing above the minimum requirements it holds for the school to meet on statewide exams, to provide sufficient funding. Reading can either be a task that oozes with the thought of it being a chore or it can be seen as an adventure, escaping the constraints and adversities of society. In either case, reading is mandatory, a prerequisite to attaining higher truths and the ability to broaden one's horizons. .
             I feel that reading is very important because it is the only singular ability that can alter an individual's life dramatically, thus I have made it a goal to make reading more joyful and less of a task. A remedy to aiding my goal is by cutting to the heart of the matter and addressing the new generation that will one day become important personalities in the play that is shown on the world's stage. A child will not pick up a book to pore through unless it has been assigned by a teacher. The Youth Reading Role Models is a great tool to imbue the future posterity with the notion that the children are the future and it in is in their hands that will preserve and expand man's destiny. Reading is fun, entertaining, educational and down right exciting. One minute an individual is facing the humdrum of life and the next minute that individual is whisked off floating down the Mississippi River with Huckleberry Finn and the venerable slave, Jim, in Mark Twain's novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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