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The Importance of Reading

            Reading is an amazing communication channel that human being has invented. By reading, people can basically communicate with each other regardless of their locations. They do not need to physically meet each other to learn from each other's experience. This is the way that human have been able to transfer knowledge from one generation to another and let the science advance and grow gradually. We would not be where we are today if we were not able to read and write effectively. Today, we are even able to read and interpret three thousand years old notes from our ancients, which helps us to learn from the experience of the past. Being said that, reading skills have had significant influence in our life in all aspects on this planet. As the memory is essential part of our brain for our daily life, reading the experience of others from the past and present is absolutely important part of the modern human life.
             Reading is so important in our today's life that parents and teachers encourage kids to read from their early ages. My classmates, Shujin and Barbara, told me that they have started reading when they were about five years old. As a result, Shujin reads one book per month. They believe that reading could help them to think before making any decisions. They feel that they are now more open minded and reasonable. They are able to listen more to others thoughts and believes because reading has indirectly trained their brain to learn and tolerate other's opinion. These are the most important advantages of reading habits. My classmates also mentioned that they read for fun. They read science fiction and comic books in their spare time. Science fiction books would let them think out of the box and help them to be more creative and it helps them to have fun time. This truly shows that book is the best friend, and reading is the only way to communicate with that best friend. .
             Reading has inspired me to read more because when I read something, I learn how much I do not know which encourages me to start reading another book or article to increase my knowledge and understanding.

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