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Religion and Life Suffering

            In our world, people are challenged every day with new obstacles and decisions to make. Although life can be good, a great majority of the population believes that life is always a struggle; this idea has been carried out for generations and many years everywhere. Always seeking more income, more items, more love and more of what they just don't have. The attachment to material things drives with desire and often leaves individuals with little satisfaction and lots of disappointment when we don't end up with what one sought out or more. The basis of most Indian religion is that life is suffering. Religions must have appeal to a large group and solve many individual's problems. When the majority of society feels the same way about life – bad, lost, or in pain, to keep them on track they should have a common faith to look to, seeking answers of why this happens and the ways around it. Each religion approaches it in their own way, attempting to resolve the common fight. Religion is a way of making life simpler, smoother, and pleasant. It does not only give followers a focus, but also to allow them to improve upon themselves in many ways like yoga, meditation, sacrifice, the practice of karma. Indian Religion helps from feeling sorry for oneself. When you're expected to live minimally and away from possession or attachments, and objects or relationships break or go missing, it settles easier without so much suffering. Two great examples are the Indian Religions Buddhism and Hinduism; both seeking to leave earth and the cycle of rebirth, all coming back to the notion that life is suffering.
             In the teachings of Buddhism, in order to escape the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that inevitably leads to suffering, loss, and pain, one must focus on loving the mind and body and connecting the both of them. Ridding themselves of ignorance (avidya) in life because that leads to misunderstanding true reality and teachings.

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