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bush vs global warming

            Introduction: People today are facing a critical period in history when the decisions made and the actions taken set the stage for the future existence of the world. There are countless books, studies, and researches done regarding the subject to find the cause of the current crisis. In his book, When Corporations Rule the World, David Korten attempts to do just that. Through his book he provides an analysis of the dynamics of global capitalism "which he cites as the root cause "and then offers solutions and political strategies by which to change the systems. He centers his analysis on the analogy that people Q1. He is able to present an accurate and realistic critique of capitalism by focusing on the current ecological crisis but his solutions are utopian fantasies. The in which the global capitalistic system will be reformed and economic sustainability and human well-being will be attained is not through a strong charismatic president but through a well balanced system of interest groups, political parties and a knowledgable president who will educate the people.
             I) Through his book, Korten analyzes the state of global capitalism the world is facing today.
             A) He basis his analysis on the growing desire for economic growth.
             -this desire leads to the three fold crisis of "deepening poverty, social disintegration, and environmental destruction- described by Korten.
             -economic growth is also causing people to be confronted with environmental limits.
             B) Korten then goes onto analyze how people are disillusioned by economic growth.
             -he says they have a false belief that economic growth will alleviate poverty and stop environmental destruction.
             -Korten claims that instead, economic growth is having the opposite effect. .
             -Not only does economic growth not alleviate poverty, but Korten says, it is one cause of consumerism which is a direct function of environmental stress.

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