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Global Warming

             The media has been alerting the general public for numerous years on the perception of global warming and the harm it is causing. Also, in the same reports, humankind has been directly indicated as the primary cause of this occurrence. Actions of companies, consumers of products containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and industry pollution have all been speculated as the responsible factors. But, there now is substantial proof that humans may not be any real threat at all and that global warming is really in fact a short-term observation. What scientists detect as global warming may really be a natural occurrence in nature.
             When scientists view their observations, they formulate various ideas as to the cause of the problem and what effects are likely to occur because of the observed events. With global warming this is no different; numerous scientists have made serious predictions as to what will be the future of the planet based upon current trends.
             But there is a problem on how this information is made available to the general public. Scientists, for the most part, are not the ones reporting directly to the public. The vast majority of people get their information on global warming from the news media.
             The news media has always been responsible of sensationalizing news stories in order to draw viewers and receive higher ratings. But the understanding of global warming and how it is reported to the public is greatly simplified and generalized by the media. This is done so that the public can more easily understand the problems that the scientists have indicated. Unfortunately, inaccuracies can easily be inserted that change the facts. News reporters do not possess the necessary skills to discern the truth from altered facts. Over time, these altered facts are reported as truths and accepted by the public, which leads to the forming of an inaccurate picture of the real problem.

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