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Global Warming

             Climate change is a part of the Earth's history. Global warming is a theory that has been associated with a rise in the global average temperature. Scientists argue whether global warming is a serious issue or just a waste of time. Not knowing what to think or what to believe makes this topic a controversial issue.
             Global warming is defined as "a perceived increase in global temperature as a result of the release of greenhouse gases produced by human activities." (Parsons 249) (Refer to figure 1 on the last page to view a graph of the rise in temperature over the years.) It first emerged when scientists noticed the relationship between carbon dioxide, CO2, levels and the climate. They were concerned that it may result in an excessive cooling, not warming. The predictions based on computer models indicated that a decrease in CO2 levels would cause the average global temperature to decrease also. As more time was put into observing the models, scientists saw that the CO2 levels were actually on the rise, not decrease, due to human activities. (Parsons 4) The following chemical equation describes the chemical process of combustion:.
             6 O2 + C6H12O6 --------> 6 H2O + 6 CO2 + energy.
             Throughout the last century, our world, reshaped by dams, irrigation, logging and so forth, has seen the human population grow. Technology produced an industrial age that transformed the land, sky, and waters of the worlds" nations. The engines and power plants, which have resulted from technology, threaten the Earth's stability.
             Scientists argue over the global warming theory. Some claim that it should be treated as a serious environmental threat and that global action should be taken. (Watson 21) Others say that it is a slight concern but there is no need to panic over it. Those who argue about global warming occurring have another dispute over what causes it. Human .
             activities may be the main cause behind it while others say that the current global heat is just another part of a natural cycle.

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