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Global Warming

             Global warming is a topic that is often talked about today. Whether is about the Kyoto accord or the melting of the polar ice caps, it is impossible for a person who is not deaf or blind and has an IQ higher that a chimpanzee to miss it. However, before we jump to conclusions, we must first know the details of global warming. First of all, we must know what Global Warming actually is. Second, we must know what causes it. Third, what it does, both good and bad. Fourth, how it influences us, and fifth, how to stop it from continuing. These five points will be discussed in detail in this essay.
             What is Global Warming?.
             Global Warming, otherwise referred to as the greenhouse effect, is the absorption of energy radiated from the Earth's surface. This results in an unwanted increase in the overall temperature of the Earth. Scientists say that the Earth naturally increases about 1 degree Fahrenheit every century, but with the pollution that is being caused by humans, the temperature could rise 5 to 10 degrees by the middle of the next century.
             What Causes Global Warming?.
             Human activities are causing greenhouse gases to build up in the atmosphere. Each time we burn gasoline, oil, coal, or even natural gas, Global Warming increases and our atmosphere gets denser. Also, by cutting down the trees, we allow air pollution to set in. This, causes many problems and increases global warming. Now that there are no trees to help filter out pollution, we are allowing more damage to the atmosphere causing global warming. These certain gases that occur naturally in the atmosphere tend to trap the sun's heat as well as bounces the heat released by the Earth back to the Earth. Because of this, the Earth can be warmed up. As shown in Fig. 1, the sun releases many short waves which go into the Earth to warm it up. The Earth also emits heat waves, but these ones are long. The greenhouse effect is caused by pollution, which thickens the atmosphere and so blocks some of the long waves from escaping.

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