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Global Warming

            Purpose: To persuade people that global warming is a very important issue and we need to take action to prevent its harmful effects. .
             Attention Step: .
             In 1995, a major motion picture was released by Hollywood called Waterworld. When we saw this movie believing that earth would be covered in water seemed extremely far-fetched. But this idea is not that far off after all when thinking about the future of earth. Global warming eventually will not only cause oceans to expand and rise but also many other life altering changes will occur. .
             Clarification Step: .
             The Environment Protection Agency states that beginning with the Industrial revolution we began altering our climates and environment through agricultural and industrial practices. The industrial revolution was a time when people began using machines to make life easier and over those two hundred years we have changed the way humans live. Before the industrial revolution human activity released very few gases in the atmosphere but now through population growth, fossil fuel burning and deforestation we affecting the mixture of gases in the atmosphere. Since this time the energy to run machines has increased and are causing more release of green house gases. 5 In the book, Astronomy Notes by Nick Strobel, he explains how the abundance of these gases are not allowing heat to escape into space. 3 This is a global problem and needs to be prevented. Tonight I will examine how serious and harmful Global Warming is, why it hasn't been fixed and what we can do about it. .
             Body: .
             I. A problem might be considered serious when it will affect our earth and the way that we live on it. .
             A. The worldwide issue of Global Warming is a serious problem as the earth's surface continues to rise. .
             1. Atmospheric greenhouse gases that trap the outgoing energy created on .
             earth (for ex. Water, carbon dioxide, methane) are becoming greater.

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