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The Truth About Global Warming

            The geographic and weather conditions on Earth had changed for the past billions of years. These changes had caused numerous species to disappear. The planet pasted extremely hot seasons and also frozen times known as "ice ages." Scientists have knowledge of these changes because all the fossils and rock's fingerprints found in different parts of the world. At the same time, scientists had accepted the fact that there is not a precise way to predict how the climate will be changed in the future. However, there is a movement that affirm that our planet is suffering a "Global Warming" crisis mainly because human kind had disturbed the environment since the 1700's hundred with the increasing of the CO2. It is true that the increment of CO2 is affecting the atmosphere. Pollution, combustion, and waste have become in a big problem for the planet. With seven billions of people living on Earth, might affect somehow the natural course of atmosphere. But if everyone does its part, with all the technology available these days, it is possible to counteract negative consequences for the environment. .
             According to an article published by Peter Ferrara on Forbes Magazine, this theory of Global Warming it is just an opportunity for some governments to take control over the energy industry with "massive increases in regulation, taxes, and expending." Ferrara also sustains that the United Nations wants a global power and convinced some progressive scientists to prove that Global Warming theory is real. He agrees that the planet has changed historically and that temperatures have a normal fluctuation. He supports his opinion through four leads contributing authors of "Climate Change Reconsidered II," Drs. Craig Idso, Robert Carter, S. Fred Singer, and Willie Soon, who established in their "Summary of Policymakers" that temperatures have not changed in parallel with CO2 levels and consequently, humans cannot be responsible for any climate change.

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