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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

             What is global warming? Global warming is the common scientific belief which states that man is producing greater and greater amounts of "Green House Gasses" such as carbon dioxide and methane, which trap the suns heat inside our atmosphere, heating up the planet to dangerous levels. This largely excepted scientific belief isn't scientific at all. It is merely nonsense. Another tool used as propaganda to institute meaningless reforms that will only further disrupt our economy and our society with little or no effect on our environment. This supposed "man-made" phenomenon does not happen simply because the planet is designed to prevent it. .
             According to global warming enthusiasts like the Sierra Club, automobiles and power plants, the leading producers of carbon dioxide in the U.S. only account for fifty six percent of the United States Carbon dioxide production. The other half is unidentified. Some scientists have noted that the amount of green house gasses in the atmosphere has risen by thirty percent in the last one hundred years. They have also stated that the temperature has risen one degree in that same time period. What they haven't noted is that one hundred years ago, mercury dependent thermometers were not accurate enough to measure temperatures al close as one degree, and tree ring sample are just as inaccurate when it comes to minor variations . There for that thirty percent rise in gasses hasn't seemed to effect the temperature of the planet for the last one hundred years. The Sierra Club and their sponsors have been accused o f being "Alarmist hoax" organizations, by some of the foremost scientific leaders in the global climate field. And with attitudes such as "The human race is engaging in the largest and most dangerous experiment in history -to see what happens to our health and the planets when we change our climate" (Sierra), and no scientific evidence to back up their claims, how could they not be an alarmist organization.

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