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             For thousands of years a burning question has tantalized mankind: Did the lost continent of Atlantis really exist? Why did it vanish without a trace? Atlantis, said by some to be the world's oldest civilization, has never ceased to intrigue scholars, historians, and archeologists, and still remains a legend and a conundrum considered newsworthy today! The search for the truth has driven many men to the ends of the earth, possessed by this powerful and fascinating story: "It is almost as if, realizing that there now exist improved methods of archeological investigation, modern man expects to receive confirmation of his own lost past and is waiting for modern science to fill him in on the gaps in the common family history . . . with it's implied reaching back for knowledge of our past and the golden age of humanity." (Berlitz 23) There are very few subjects with such an extensive bibliography as the fabled story of Atlantis and it's deluge into obscurity. (Bacon1) This paper will address the questions of Atlantis" existence and disappearance. In doing so, it will prove that Atlantis existed as the islands of Santorini and Thera in the Aegean Sea. The true description of Atlantis, although tainted and misinterpreted over the years, fits these islands south of Greece better than any place in the world. The geographical location supports the story, and the time period matches that required for an advanced Bronze age civilization to exist. The people known to have resided on these islands maintain a striking and uncanny resemblance to the Atlantean civilization as told by Plato. In recent years, archeological expeditions on these islands have revealed startling discoveries and uncovered artifacts thought to be Atlantean. There is also evidence of a migration from Celtic islands off the English coast to the islands near Greece in the Aegean Sea. Hundreds of years of research and countless books all point in the same direction, to a civilization that met a catastrophic end on the islands in the Aegean Sea.

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