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Global Warming

             Are you loosing sleep at night because you can not stop worrying about global warming and the affects it can have? It is probably highly unlikely. Is this something we should be concerned about? Or can this issue be thrown to the side? If you examine all factors: pollution, manipulation of people by environmentalists, mother nature, and pre-cautions one can take one may find them self thinking whether or not this should be a concern in everyday life. In Bill McKibben's, "Not So Fast," he is certain that we must solve the warming of the atmosphere within the next fifty years, or else we will face horrible consequences. On the other hand in "Seven Doomsday Myths about the Environment," by Ronald Bailey, he debates McKibben's view. Bailey has done research that proves the temperature has slightly decreased worldwide, and claims that no major problems are in sight. .
             The first factor one should consider when seeking to do something about global warming is pollution. When putting gas into an automobile, one rarely considers the pollution problem they are creating. New technologies have changed the numbers in pollution. While driving, the engine releases about a half a pound of carbon monoxide (CO) into the air. With continuation in ways to keep the numbers decreasing, it should eventually come down to barely a tenth of a pound of CO. At the same time, the gas will also release itself into almost five and a half pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is both odorless and invisible, and can not be reduced by a filter of any sort. "Carbon dioxide is produced when any form of carbon or almost any carbon compound is burned .
             Esposito 2.
             in excess of oxygen" (www.doc.mmu.ac.uk/aric/eae/Glo). Now more then ever, unlike CO, CO2 is creating numerous problems in the world. "CO versus CO2 One damn oxygen atom, and all the difference in the world" (McKibben 317). As we know, CO2 is a product of CO.

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