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Characters in Crime and Punishment

            The characters in this novel are suffering drastic changes. We can notice it according to their behavior, and in some cases, if the author allows us to experience what goes through the mind of a character. I will focus in this essay on the character of Rodion Raskolnikov. Our presentation with Raskolnikov in the novel is very peculiar. We do not know his name or nothing about it, we know it is heading for a certain place, where you plan to do something. "I was not going away; He knew the exact number of steps that had to give from the doorway of her house: six hundred and thirty. He had counted when his project was no more than a vague dream "(Dostoyevsky 37). From the beginning we know that Rodia is a loner and shy away from the people around him. The author draws our attention in a different way than we are accustomed. From the beginning we know it will happen a crime which is perfectly well planned, we know that the novel will be different because it will not be of such crime but rather will happen after this will be committed. Raskolnikov throughout the novel is "[.] a very strong internal conflict [.]" (Kerberex). The guilt that plagues Raskolnikov after committing the crime it further isolates people even see as becomes paranoid. Delusions him away completely. Gradually, as Raskolnikov visit bars and meet people as Marmeladov, we knew more than him. But what helps us to know more about him, are his thoughts. The first image we might have of Rodia is a man who is capable of taking the life of a being, when we see that is considered a Napoleon may come to think that it has gone completely mad. However, deep inside him is a bit of kindness and charity. After the murder, goes out and gives the appearance of a drunken beggar, a person carelessly end of his life. This is quite a contrast to what we as readers know. If we see a man with these characteristics, we would think that's just a bum who is looking for money or food.

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