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Mexican revolution

            The Mexican Revolution of 1910 was a frustrating time for Mexico. A small minority of people were in control of most of the country's power and while with the majority of the population worked in poverty. Many of the people had many negative things to say to the President Porfirio Diaz who stayed in Office for thirty one years they blamed him for the injustice that was being displayed in Mexico. Early in the 20th Century a new group of people wanted to get involved in the political life but they were denied the opportunity by the officials that were already there in office and they didn't want to give up there power to new people. This group of young leaders believed that they could assume their proper role in Mexican politics once President Diaz announced that Mexico was ready for democracy. Even though the Mexican Constitution says that public election and other institutions of democracy, Diaz and his supporters disobeyed this and used there political and economic resources to stay in power for ever. .
             Francisco Madero was a big supporter of democracy and of making government subject to the strict limits of the law and the success of Maderos movement made him a threat in the eyes of President Diaz. In November 1910, Francisco Madero officially started the revolution by crossing into the border town of Pedras Negras, Coahulia. Every Mexican was involved in the revolution in which included men, women and even children. Both Mexican and American women were involved in the revolution. American women were both radicals and the revolutionaries. American women were worried to be with the welfare of the migrants and the impact that they had on the bordering communities and states. Mexican women were considered both the labor activist, radical journalist, and militant intellectuals. The Mexican women main goal for fighting was for political leadership and liberal ideas. Throughout the Mexican Revolution women that were on both sides had an impact on the politics and the welfare of the Mexican people.

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