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The Mexican Revolution

            The Mexican Revolution was a disorganized reform movement that encompassed over ten years of history. Unlike the revolutions experienced by other countries, the Mexican revolt against its dictator was never pulled into an organized assault. In the long run, this lack of centralized leadership caused the revolution to create more problems for Mexico than there had been under a dictatorship. The original intent of the revolutionaries was to remove Portfirio diaz, the dictator, from power. This was accomplished relatively quickly and effectively. The trouble came when the revolutionary factions, of which there were three, revolted against each other. These revolts extended the revolution and delayed peace for nearly eight years. The revolutionaries were unable to establish a permanent government until 1934, because every president that was elected eventually was either exiled or assassinated. Throughout the turmoil of the Mexican Revolution came a new and more democratic state of Mexico, though it took many year of war to accomplish.
             The original problem that really sparked off the revolution was the regime of Portfirio diaz. 30 years earlier diaz had succeeded President Tejada after winning the battle of Tecoac against the Mexican government. Dissatisfaction with the government's management, and the fact that presidents were able to be reelected, caused diaz to rebel. It is ironic that similar conditions would spark the Mexican Revolution and ultimately end his political career. As president, diaz created a country that was based around a central point. Local and regional governments were all but abolished, and those officers who ran them reported directly to diaz. He did not focus much on addressing public issues, but kept the country peaceful by effectively quelling any and all revolts. diaz realized the importance of keeping the wealthy landowners satisfied, and thus shaped his government to suit their needs.

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