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The Mexican Government - Post Revolution

             "The aims of the Mexican Revolution were unified/consolidated by the Mexican government's policies between 1930 and 1940." To what extent do you agree with this statement?.
             The Mexican Revolution (1910-1917) was an event stimulated by the populace of Mexico by the need for reform and change in the Mexican Economy and government. Overall, the aims of the Revolution were to have greater policies for the distribution of land, labor and social reform and a greater access to education for the Mexican peoples. From the Mexican revolution emerged a new constitution in 1917. To a greater extent, these aims were consolidated by the Mexican Government through policies implemented by Cardenas (from 1934-1940) including, definite land redistribution, and nationalization of key industries such as petroleum and railroads and the secular education system. However, unlike Calles and his interim presidents during the early thirties, Cardenas attempted and implemented very minimal anti-clerical reform. .
             Land redistribution was a key example of one of the policies that was implemented by the Mexican government to consolidate the aims of the Mexican Revolution. The post-revolutionary governments of the period 1911-1934 did undertake some land reform, but it was premised on the idea that capitalism would remain dominant in the countryside: what was to be abolished was a supposedly "traditional" landlordism. Agrarian reform essentially dominated Cardenas's policies and was perceived as one of his most influential. With the beginning of the land redistribution program came 26 million acres of land to Mexico's rural zones. Even though land reform was one of the Mexican Revolution's key objectives, the population after 2 decades of revolutionary struggle had seen little change and improvement. By 1940, 40 million acres of land had been distributed to the masses. This is an incredible feat as this is almost quadruple the amount that had been redistributed in the past.

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