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Mexican Revolution

            The Mexican Revolution: The Fight for Freedom.
             The history of Mexico is one that has been marked by major conflict and frequent change. These archaic civilizations shaped the foundations of Mexico until the first European conquest by Spain in the sixteenth century. Even in the face of continued Spanish oppression and tyrannical rule, which lasted well into the 1800's, these native tribes of Mexico fought violently and emotionally to preserve their independence and their fundamental rights to life. Millions and millions of individuals have fought and sacrificed their lives throughout the course of history in order to achieve freedom and independence. The right to have freedom and independence is the cause of many revolutions in the world today and throughout history. Even Americans fought and died for their freedom and independence of British rule. A very important revolution accredited within Latin American history is the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Several thousands of Mexican's fought and died in provide a free and a spirited independent country in which they could live. Economic, social, political and historical pressures played a major role in the Mexican Revolution.
             The Mexican Revolution of 1910 was a revolution led by simple citizens of Mexico rising up and declaring their fundamental rights. The revolution was not only essential to the evolution of human rights and democracy of Mexico, but was also significant because it was the first successful third world revolution. America's Revolutionary War was fought and won because the colonial citizens did not want to pay taxes to the king of England. On the other hand, Mexican citizens wanted to fight the Mexican Revolution not because they were sick and tired of paying taxes, but because they wanted to express their freedom and individuality.
             The Mexican Revolution was brought on several factors. Among them was the tremendous disagreement among the Mexican people over the dictatorship of President Porfirio Diaz, who was in office for thirty-one years (The Mexican Revolution, 1).

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