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Overview of the Mexican Revolution

            The Mexican Revolution demonstrates a clear form of a revolutionary movement caused by multiple factors. Throughout the years from 1910 to 1920, the revolution took place in order to bring awareness of the state's dissatisfactory. Profirio Diaz was the leader of Mexico for over thirty-five years. During his reign, there was a significant social, economic, and political change due to revolting tactics in which he used in order to uphold his power longer. Normal and average men would take control in leading a revolution for rising up and asserting their fundamental rights against Diaz's Regime. The citizens of Mexico all joined and fought in the revolution against the dictatorship of President Porfino Diaz. The goal for the citizens was to overthrow the government and the state of Mexico; however, the people did not attempt to work within their system in order to fight for their beliefs. The movement in Mexico has brought over disastrous disagreements among the Mexican population creating power to express their opinions against their dictator. The failures of the Diaz Regime, causing economic troubles, poor crop yields, failure of the elite to unify to put down the rebellion and the lack of a natural order of succession were the reasons for why the Mexican Revolution occurred. .
             The factors contributed to the revolution while Diaz was in power of the citizens of Mexico. As Consular explained "Francisco l. Madero was one of the strongest believers that President Diaz should renounce his power instead of seeking a re-election. Together with other young reformers, Madero created the "Anti-reeleccionista" Party" (2007, para. 3). The idea of creating an Anti-Reeleccionista Party resulted in several different conflicts between the two leaders of Mexico. In order for the re-election to occur, Madero ordered for a return of the Liberal Constitution of Mexico by proposing an organized Democratic Party.

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