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A brief overview of China

            Subject: China, a country in transformation; from a communist government to the opening of the Chinese market.
             The aim of my presentation today is to explain the transformations that happened in China and to see if the future of China seems to go in a good direction or not.
             I have divided my presentation into three parts. First I would like to give you an overview of the situation in China during the communist and the Mao period. Then, I will move on to the opening of the Chinese market since 1978. Finally, we will compare the Chinese case with other NIC (newly industrializing countries) to make a brief description of the future of China.
             1. CHINA OF MAO (1949 - 1976) AND DEMAOISATION.
             Let's begin with .
             A) The setting-up of the classical communist from 1949 to 1955.
             Military forces occupied two thirds of China in 1949. Politic institutions were created based upon the Soviet model.
             In February 1950, a treaty of alliance was signed between China and the USSR (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). And a law was created to abolish the domination of landowners: it was the beginning of the collectivization. The State's intervention was very important in farming (agriculture) and the farmers were the State's employees.
             In 1953, the first five-year plan established the Constitution of 1954 and permitted to create a state system for purchase, delivery, sales, storages and the cooperation of individual manpower (workforces).
             The State was a good financial administrator because 25 percent of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product = PIB) was spared for investment. Standards of living increased.
             Now I will explain .
             B) The action of the Communist Party from 1955 to 1969.
             As early as July 1955, farming was collectivized and Chinese farmers were integrated into cooperatives. Every village's cooperative supervised farming under State's control.
             In 1957, it was the "Campaign of the hundred flowers", when the freedom of expression was abolished.

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