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Africa and Financial Dependency

             Africa has received billions of dollars in aid money, but the political and economic state of African countries question the effectiveness of the financial assistance. Aid was aimed to improve the livelihoods of people and support states in time of need as had been done in Europe after World War II. This has not been the case as African states have experienced continuous political instability, famine, disease and most importantly uneventful or rather slow economic success. Dambisa Moyo's book "Dead aid" raises serious concerns over the effectiveness of aid in Africa; She argues aid has hampered growth in Africa. The structure of Moyo's book provides a reader with historical and factual information on aid before addressing, its effectiveness and ways by which Africa can combat aid dependency and foster economic growth. .
             Aid is not a long term option for Africa Moyo argues, depending on aid is the status quo but there is nothing to show for more than 3 trillion dollars. Africa still lags behind in most aspects compared to other continents. This essay will examine Moyo's arguments analyzing the necessity for institutions to co-exist for long-term development. The first section of this paper will provide and overview of Moyo's arguments this will follow with some points of agreement and disagreement. The next section will critically discuss Moyo's solutions for Africa, analyzing the impact and questioning the longevity of these solutions. Thirdly, examine the way through which aid could work with institutions. Lastly, conclude by summarizing the main sections of this paper. .
             Aid Does Not Work.
             The first part of this book describes the present state of Africa providing any reader with the negative and good not often heard from the media. It briefly discusses defines aid and the different types of aid. There is just one type of aid she really discusses through out the book that is the country donor to receiving country type of aid.

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