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             The world is in a much different state today than it has ever been before. Not completely of course, but technology has allowed us to communicate faster, helping us create the illusion of a smaller world. A message that would once take years to reach the other side of the planet now happens in seconds. While communication is quick, living conditions in many areas of the world are not as comfortable to live in like the United States is. There are places in the world where people fear for their lives on a daily basis. Things like electricity and telephones are scarce in some parts of the world while here in America, it's odd not to have it. The more recent advances in technology have unified the world in communication, but have also made the world more competitive in economical terms.
             In order for globalization to work for everyone, we must no longer look at other each other as many different countries; we must look at each other as one planet. We must lose the competitive edge that we have with each other. Socialism would have to be obtained, where everyone is treated equally and receives the same amount of everything. Although it may be improbable, even impossible, it could be the only way that the world could obtain complete unity. Global governance must be realized, and exchange rates and currency must be the same everywhere. The existence of Nationalism is what keeps the world from unifying, coupled with religious conflict.
             Nationalism has many defining characteristics. Themes that make up this political ideology are culture, economics, and history. In every culture, it has a different affect on the populous. Conflict arises on a continuous basis because each nation is trying to do what is best for itself, instead of what is fair for both. This is not a bad idea, but when other countries are affected by what other countries have done, or what they are trying to do, there are consequences.

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