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             "We must use terministic screens, since we can't really say anything without the use of terms; whatever terms we use, they necessarily constitute a corresponding kind of screen; and any such screen necessarily directs the attention to one field rather than the other. Within that field there can be different screens, each with its ways of directing the attention and shaping the range of observations implicit in the given terminology. All terminologies must implicitly and explicitly embody choices between the principle of continuity and the discontinuity.".
             Where would the world be in this day and age if everyone had the exact same experiences, exact same thoughts, and the exact same dreams? To think of such things is ridiculous. Humans would be nothing more than robots, all programmed to think and function in the exact same way. Each individual in the world has their own experiences, none of which that are identical. Not one person was raised identical to another. For every person there comes a screen, and for every experience an individual encounters comes another screen. Think of screens like this. A photographer has many different lenses. Each lens comes with their own unique qualities. So when the photographer switches his lens he is switching the entire picture. In regards to humans we are the .
             Johnson 2.
             photographer and each experience gives us a different view on things. The result of this gives us another screen. Writers and theorist are no exception to this. Newspapers and publications would not have such an impact on the world if every person had the same view on things. We take in information from one and another and twist it all around in our heads to come up with our own individual ideas. Real life examples of this our seen everywhere. An issue I wish to address is how different people interpret the phenomenon, globalization. To help support this paper I will give examples from different authors to help portray the idea of that people see things in different ways.

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