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            Globalization is a vast and dynamic process, which encompasses all aspects of our existence. Because of the vast nature of globalization it makes giving a neat definition difficult. Although globalization is a relatively new term in our eyes, it has been occurring throughout the world for the past 5000 years. In the most basic terms globalization is the homogenization of world culture, politics, and economics. I view this homogenization as having both positive and negative consequences. Although globalization is a dynamic process encompassing all aspects of our life it can be broken down into four basic dimensions: Economic, political, ecological, and cultural. Since it is near impossible to study globalization from a holistic perspective I will define each dimension individually in terms of the specific discipline. .
             Economic globalization is probably the most popular and widely debated aspect of globalization. Economic globalization is the spread and integration of markets, corporations and trade into foreign areas. Globalization is an increase in the rate and level of transnational expansion of finance capital, economic concentration, corporate concentration, and trade. Many believe, an effect of this type of globalization is the promotion and spread of capitalism and American cultural ideals. .
             Cultural globalization is the spread and acceptance of native cultures into foreign lands. Is Cultural globalization a product of economic globalization or is economic globalization a product of cultural globalization? Regardless, it is apparent these two processes go hand in hand. When critics of globalization are speaking of culture they"re usually referring to pop culture, most of the time they are referring to American pop culture. This specific spread of American movies, music, clothes and food is referred to as "Mcdonaldization". The belief among many Europeans is that cultural globalization in essence is "Mcdonaldization".

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