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Overview of the Texas Revolution

            The Texas Revolution, what significance does it carry in shaping nowadays Lone Star state? Be it as it may, this historical subject in hand holds much controversy, can be seen in the opuses of many authors, and showcases many facets of a major bone of contention within the article. Within the lines of this paper, I shall include the works of a number of authors of and from whom I researched and got to know various sentiments regarding the Texas Revolution. Lots of time, dedication, and a lot of reasoning and analyses put forth by these authors. In spite of their varying thoughts and ideology touching on the Texas Revolution, they all share the sole concept of being zealous and attached to Texas. Hence, this leads to the asking of a salient question: What and who are the key points and players in this commemorated revolution? A plural of acknowledged critiques concerning this historical revolution comes in play. Nevertheless, it is best to comprehend key factors and characters in this revolution prior to perusing what the authors have of saying. .
             At the outset of this paper, we see to the Texas Revolution, per se, and delve into opinions of the authors, be them bias, or not, afterwards. In the interim of The Texas Revolution, American colonists in Texas procured the area from the hands of the Mexicans, subsequently establishing a republic, The Republic of Texas. Forasmuch as the 1820s, many settlers had colonized Texas, only to outnumber the Mexican Texans in the proceeding decade. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, a Mexican totalitarian, undertook the pursuit of trying to put an end to the drift of Americans to Texas via the measures and means of enforcing the collection of customs duties, and abolishing slavery. Pursuant to one of the authors' thoughts of the rebellion, "The Texas Revolution of 1836, it was originally as part of a general federalist resistance to Santa Anna's Centralist government, which had overthrown the Mexican Constitution of 1824" (Borroel 1990, 20).

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