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Human Rights In Mexico

             There has been a huge influx of Mexican immigrants both legal and illegal. We look around and the populations in our cities are increasing greatly. This summer while living at home with my father I had the fortune of meeting the Dominguez family from Mexico. The father told me of hardships that he and his family endured. Police brutality, low wages and an uncaring government in his words, was what led him and his family to flee to America. This family was one of the many families who have immigrated here in the states legally and illegally. This family fled their homeland because of the cruelty and injustice that they experienced there. Hearing of the poor conditions that these people experienced made me want to find out more life in Mexico. .
             We live in a time that permits us to not only concern ourselves with the problems in our lives but also the problems in the world as a whole. This is because as shown around the world, what happens in a neighboring country can affect you at home greatly. Therefore the topic that I will do my research on will be human rights in Mexico. I will look at current problems in Mexico and take a look at the future of human rights in Mexico. .
             The United Nations has drawn up four international treaties on human rights, which are legally binding. These treaties address the problems of genocide, racial discrimination, civil and political rights, and economic and social rights. .
             One part of the human rights problems in Mexico includes the economic and social injustice that Mexican citizens endure. Severe class and communal divisions characterize Mexico. A majority of Mexicans live in poverty while a small upper class controls much of the nations wealth and land. In 1989 the top 20 percent of Mexico's income earners received 57 percent of the national income. The poorest 20 percent received only four percent of the national income, while the middle 60 percent earned the remaining 37 percent.

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