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Human Rights and Forced Labor

            The academic debates and the human rights issues concerning forced labor.
             Forced labor is Universally condemned, However, Forced Labor is Not a new Phenomena but has been going on since ancient Times, the Pharaohs in Egypt Practiced it and many descents of African Origin were compelled to work in Forced Labor and these workers succeed in building many of the Monuments in Egypt Like the famous Pyramid and the Sphinx(Half Lion, Half Human).
             The Nubian Folks in Niger, Uganda and Sudan praised such practices, the ancient Greeks Imported many slaves for domestic Slavery. The Inca/Maya Civilization in South America was renowned for such Practices and many Slaves had to work day and night to serve the Kingdom and its ruler under the Yoke of Bondage. Lastly but not the least, the Nazis invaders of Germany, subjected millions of innocent Jews and other Minorities to forced labor under brutal conditions. the Nazis Germany even before the war, employed many innocent Jewish people to forced labor under the pretext of them being" Enemies of the State" to meet desperate Labor Shortages. This is a classical example of forced labor used for economic gain and capitalist Agenda. .
             Such were the Practices of the ancient people, unfortunately for many In Today's Globalized Society; the Practice of Forced labor is Rampant and escalating on unimaginable levels. This practice still remains unabated until today in one form or another in every part of the world. From young women forced into prostitution. Children and adults forced in farms, domestic work or industries. And regular supermarkets that export for global supply chains, entire families enslaved to work for nothing to show/pay off, or girls forced by parents to marry older men enough to be their fathers, this illegal activity stil plights the contemporary world.
             This trend Still continues in many different parts of the world, Africa, Asia, Uerope and even strangely in a very strong Democratic Country like USA.

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