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Human Rights Issues

            Human Rights issue # 1- Child Soldiers.
             Child Soldiers are mostly recruited in Africa but it has been used in Iraq & Iran. Child soldiers are children often under the age of 15 that are forced to go to war whether they like it or not. They are theatened with death and are often forced to watch their parents get murdered. Drugs such as Marijuana and Heroine are constantly forced upon them during operations. Child soldiers are easy to recruit because they are young and are helpless when they are threatened. The UN is sending lawyers to the affected areas but the task of catching the adults who recruit these children is enormous as the big fish always seem to escape.
             Human Rights Issue # 2- Afghan Women.
             Women in Afghanistan get used to being mistreated everyday. Warlords and gunmen target Women and Young girls, some of these men that were even propelled into power by the United States and coalition partners after the fall of the Taliban in 2001. Simple things like an Education is usually prevented by the beliefs of fundamentalists as their schools are bombed at night to prevent the classes of the following day. A complete Head to toe garment called a "Burka" must be worn by women while they are in Public. Some families opt to send their children out of the country to prevent some of these things happening to them.
             Human Rights Issue # 3- Child Labor.
             The International Labor Organization (ILO) has estimated that 250 million children between the ages of five and fourteen work in developing countries "at least 120 million on a full time basis. Sixty-one percent of these were in Asia, 32 percent in Africa, and 7 percent in Latin America. Most working children in rural areas were found in agriculture; urban children worked in trade and services, with fewer in manufacturing, construction and domestic service. .
             The Children's Rights Division at Human Rights Watch has largely focussed its efforts on forced and bonded child labor, which has a devastating impact on children.

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