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Gays: Rights or Demands?

            The issue of Homosexuality is by far one of the most sensitive topics being handled on earth's surface nowadays. One cannot easily overlook the vast number of those, whom some close-minded people call 'Minority', because those termed minority are simply still human beings. According to the 'Williams institute' survey, the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) represent about 1.8% of the American population, representing roughly nine millions Americans. However this number cannot be taken into consideration for granted, as lots of homosexual men did not admit their true desire, which might be of greater cause of the embarrassment it might cause them. On the other hand, women are considerably more likely than men to declare as bisexual.
             The reason why I chose that very topic to discuss and was my main motive as well, is though homosexual rights are considered to be the most complex matter reviewed universally, sorrowfully most of the people are absolutely unaware of the 'living hell' homosexuals face everyday. I do not care if that individual has excess secretion of Testosterone/estrogen or a major inhibition in the secretion of these two hormones, that led him/her to have extreme sexual desires or even if it was his/her preferable sexual desire even though they are biologically perfect ("Biological Causes of Same-Sex Attraction." 2). I just cannot stand the idea of sitting there doing nothing about it. It just feels so inhumane watching other human beings being violated everyday, just because they do not have the same sexual preference the rest have. There are lots of violations out there, either physical ones or mental/psychological.
             To begin with, human rights violations keep on taking place against homosexuals everywhere, till the moment you are reading this piece. There are two types of violations. The first one, which is the physical one and is way too cold-hearted, mainly takes place in the third world countries (Africa and the middle east).

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