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Gay and Lesbian Adoption

             When looking at the issue of homosexual adoption, it is clear that it is becoming a growing issue in Canadian society. When people talk about "traditional family values" the first thing that comes to mind is a mother and father that act as a basis for raising the family. What begins to happen is the tradition that most children are accustomed to start to disappear because there is no longer both a mother figure and father figure, yet two people of the same sex. It is hard to separate right from wrong when looking at adoption because everyone wants the best for the child even if it means being discriminatory against homosexual couples. Now gay couples are allowed to adopt in some provinces, it has opened up a wide range of issues that has led to the re-defined term "role model". .
             There is a critical shortage of adoptive parents in Canada, which are causing many children to spend their youth going from foster parents to foster parents, never growing up in a stable home with a stable family. In Canada alone there is an estimated 300,000 children in foster care, and 25% of them need to be adopted. But last year there were only 10,000 qualified adoptive parents available to adopt these kids. The majority of these kids are not white healthy infants who are what the demand asks for by adopting parents, which make it hard for them to be accepted by couples. .
             There is a lot of evidence showing the serious damage that long term foster care has on children. Children usually become victims of the "foster care shuffle", where they are moved from temporary home to temporary home. A child who is stuck in permanent foster care can live in twenty or more homes by the time they reach eighteen. Studies show that long-term foster care is associated with increased emotional problems, delinquency, substance abuse, and academic problems. .
             The government has been desperately trying to find ways to get these kids out of foster care and into loving and caring permanent family homes.

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