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The Truth About Gay Adoption

            Traditionally children are adopted from heterosexual couples which are a man a woman. Now gay marriage is becoming a popular thing which will lead to gay adoption becoming more abundant. Someone's age, where they live, their values, their political ideology and their religion may affect their position on this topic. With America being a diverse country filled with different cultures, same-sex adoption is a controversial subject that has evoked people of opposing views. Laws regarding gay adoption vary from state to state and in Canada. .
             What is it? Where is it legal? How many children are adopted by same sex couples. .
             Gay adoption is a type of adoption where the child is adopted from a different sexual orientation than the majority. The majority of people's sexual orientation is heterosexual or man and woman. The minority of people's sexual orientation is gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender or just LGBT. A gay couple involves two men while a lesbian couple involves two women. Bisexual is when a person is attracted to both sexes. A transgender person underwent surgery to become a member of the opposite sex. That person may not have to go through surgery but acts or dress like the opposite sex. Usually people just refer to them as gays. Gay Adoption is frowned upon in most countries, very small number of countries legalizes it, but more people support it in America. Around the world, very limited amount of countries allow gay adoption. The Netherlands legalized it in 2000, Belgium in 2003, Canada in 2005, Spain in 2005, South Africa in 2006, Norway and Sweden in 2009, Iceland, Portugal, and Argentina in 2010, Denmark in 2012, and recently France and Brazil in 2013. While in America and Mexico it varies by state or province. With these statistics gay adoption is not generally favored throughout the world, many people see as wrong and unnatural. In America there is a bit more increase in gay adoption.

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