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Homosexual Adoption

            The largely known Rosie O" Donnell, was among the first groups of famous woman to announce that she was a lesbian. She also recently adopted a child with her female partner. Should homosexual adoption be condoned being that Rosie O" Donnell put the spotlight on it? Homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children. Homosexual adoption should not be allowed because of the effect on the child mentally and socially. Also, homosexuals should not adopt children because of the law established on homosexual adoption. Additionally, homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children because of the known history of molestation. Homosexual adoptions are not condoned.
             When homosexuals adopt children, it can affect them both mentally and socially. For example, children can be affected mentally by depleting their confidence. In a study by Dr. Paul Cameron, founder of the Family Research Institute (1982), he proved that out of 57- life stories of adopted children, more than half of the children in the 57 families expressed problems (Dr. Paul Cameron). In various stories of these children, most were not very confident of their lives. Most lived unstable, confusing, and mysterious lives. After their adoptions, they became afraid of what the outside world would think of them, which drives them to isolation from everyone. The children are also affected mentally by their sexual preference being varied. Out of the 57 families interviewed, 10 families described themselves as becoming homosexual or bisexual (Dr. Paul Cameron). A 7-year-old girl interviewed stated,.
             "My family is L, my mother, and Z, my other mother. and A, who is L's lover. Sometimes all the moving gets confusing. I used to have two lesbian mothers, but now I only have one . Because Z isn't a lesbian anymore. Z has a boyfriend now. I say daddies are as dumb as bubble gum. I like L being with A because I get to snuggle with them in the nighttime.

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