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Gay Adoptions

            Do you think sexuality should be a issue in deciding who adopts a child? The Children's Society has decided to consider placing children with homosexuals because of a shortage of families willing to take on problem children. Gay rights groups have applauded the policy change. Gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children.
             Those who agree with homosexual adoption say there should be no reference to sex or sexuality when a child is considered fro adoption. What matters is the commitment to provide a caring and loving home for that child. But, the reason why so many children are in foster care now is because they usually come from dysfunctional, single parent, and gay households in the first place. It is unfair to the child. No matter how loving and caring the parents may be that child will have to face people outside the home. Next, people who are for gay adoption say couples lifestyle is the same as a straight person's, whether male or female, and are capable of providing, care love and commitment to each other and to any child they raise. Yet, the responses from children who have experienced being raised in a gay household have been negative, most positive responses have come from the parents. Also, if a single parent wants to adopt, they can't because the child needs the opposite sex parent in its life. And, while gay people can love them as much as straight, they cannot give them all they need. Finally, those who feel that gay couples should be allowed to adopt say the only question that matters is whether each particular couple would make good parents. Sexuality should not be an issue. But, by nature lesbian and gay couples are not able to reproduce naturally, no matter how loving they may be. Since they are not able to do that why should they be allowed to adopt? The fact remains that there are homophobic people in society. So, until we deal with them, we should not expect children to share the adversity that gay people suffer.

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