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Gay adoption

            If available, all children deserve the chance to be a member of a loving and nurturing family unit. This unit may happen to include a single parent, or two loving parental figures, no matter what their sexual orientation is. There are multiple opportunities for single people and couples to come the legal guardian/s of a child. They are, however, not all easily accessible for homosexuals, and in certain circumstances, these opportunities are prohibited altogether by law. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of homosexual couples looking to adopt children recently in the United States. Ironically there is also a critical shortage of foster and adoptive parents. Unfortunately, there are many biased obstacles that prevent homosexuals from becoming prospective parents. Many arguments proceed to criticize homosexual activities in general and do not even consider the idea that two people of the same-sex could be the parents of a child. In order to solve the problem of children struggling without love or family, adoption laws must be more feasible, particularly for homosexuals. The reason that homosexuals encounter such difficulties while fighting for adoption is because of a strong bias. The sexual orientation bias of adoption stands in the way of the future and well being of many unfortunate children who live in the foster care systems around the country.
             Adoption has always been a challenge for same-sex couples. Throughout the past twenty years, adoption has become more feasible for many people who once would have been denied the right. Now, unmarried individuals, minorities, low-income couples, and people with disabilities are able to adopt children without laws prohibiting them to do so. Homosexuals, however, still struggle from a strong sexual orientation bias. While it is necessary for adoption criteria to be rigorous and specific, custody should not be denied on account of discrimination of sexual orientation.

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