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Gay Adoption

             In the past, a controversial topic was about being gay, but we are now familiar with gays already. Almost everyday we talk to a gay lawyer, bump into a gay doctor, and sometimes say hi to a gay teacher. We had learned to live with them and to accept them as they are. Gay people become part of our society and are more likely to stop denying that they are not gay. Some gay couples get married and some live together. Consequently, they want to form their families with children. Adoption is their answer. Many jurisdictions now allow gay couples to adopt children. The question is "should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?" To answer this question, people are divided into two groups, which are the "say no group" and the "say yes group". They all have their own reasons. If I were to talk about this, I would say I am all for it. Every family has problems, and being gay parents is just another problem they have to deal with, so it is acceptable to allow homosexuals to adopt children.
             For an anti-gay adopting group, how well the preparation is for children is the reason. They think that no matter how heart those gay couples try to prepare to raise children naturally, and especially to answer the "why they tease me about you" question, it will not work. They cannot answer that question directly. How those gay will explain to children if they ask about why people turn gay, and why they are difference from their friends. Unlike the anti-gay adopting people, people who support gay adoption say that if someone wants to adopt children, he or she has to be "more than prepared" for every problem, especially problems that come along with being gay. Probably, they are more prepared and more likely to provide stable environments that children need to develop properly than those who are straight because they know that "gay" is minority group in society, with is unacceptable for some people. They, therefore, want to prove that they are normal like other people.

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