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Homosexual Couples and Legal Adoption

             Today, opinion polls consistently reveal that a majority of people in Western countries respect and endorse homosexual marriage. For instance, in US, among those aged 18 - 32, support is as high as 70 percent (West, 2013, para.5). Along with the support of homosexual marriage is the request of children. However, when homosexual parenting became visible to the public, negative opinions about their parent eligibility were commonplace, partially because heterosexual parenting has been taken as a norm. Hence, deviations from the norm have been implicitly represented as undesirable. Opponents against homosexual parenting have used religious, moral, and philosophical claims to assert that every child needs a mom and a dad, and homosexual parenting is innately harmful to children. However, a large number of academic studies suggested that no significant differences in psychological adjustment, academic achievement, and social function could be found among children reared by homosexual parents and heterosexual parents (Pappas, 2012, p.1). Therefore, homosexual couples should be allowed for legal adoption, because homosexual adoptive parents can be as capable of raising children as heterosexual parents. Homosexual adopted children are not disadvantaged in most significant aspects compared to heterosexual adopted children. In addition, explicitly supportive policies and respect to homosexual families could reduce the major adverse effects of homophobic discrimination on homosexual adopted children.
             2. Although, scientific studies have proved that negative assertion about homosexual parents is usually based on stereotype assumptions, these prevailing assumptions have significantly affected many countries' adoption policies. China first explicitly announced its official policy to prohibit homosexual adoption in 2005, stating that homosexuality is a type of mental illness and against public morality and ethics (CCAA, 2005, para.

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