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Homosexual Parenting

            Controversial issues effect the society because they lead people to choose a.
             Homosexual parenting is one of the main uprising.
             controversies in today's" society. Homosexual parenting is viewed morally wrong.
             by society, but in many cases, homosexual parents provide more love, happiness,.
             and securities for the children than do the heterosexual parents-Homosexual.
             parents give the healthy, economically stable, and safe environment that.
             children need.
             One reason why homosexual parenting is not accepted, is because of the belief.
             that the child will become a homosexual. Although practically all psychiatrists.
             have concluded that children cannot be "turned" gay, people still believe this.
             can happen (Cloud "Can a Scout Be Gay?"). Recent studies have shown that there.
             are a higher percentage of children in homosexual families that are gay or.
             lesbian (Camille). Others conclude that this is false and there are no.
             differences in homosexual parenting and heterosexual parenting. If there are.
             more lesbians or gays in homosexual families and one has a problem with that,.
             that purely means that that individual is a homophobic. Fifty eight percent of.
             our population disapproves of same-sex relationships ("The Other Side").
             It is vital for a child to live in a stable environment in order to be healthy,.
             both mentally and physically. As of now, over fifty percent of heterosexual.
             marriages are ending in divorce. Homosexuals are not allowed to marry each.
             other even though they love and honor each other. "Marriage is for people in.
             love; homosexuals love; ergo marriage is for them" (Stengel 2). The love that.
             they have could be united to make a "legal" family for a child to live in. .
             Divorce, in some cases, will make a child feel insecure or could lead them to.
             believe that all love ends in divorce. There are many single parent families in.
             today's society.
             One argument of homosexual parenting is that the child needs a mother and father.

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