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             Teens today face many obstacles: school, friends, drugs, romance, sex, etc., but one of the toughest obstacles many teens have to face is discovering their sexual orientation and coming out to their parents. Many homosexual teens commit suicide everyday because they"re too afraid of coming out to their parents and seeing their reaction, and in most cases, parents always end up in either a joyous mood or in rage against their children. Adults need to stop being ignorant and listen to their kids for once, all they"re trying to do is be honest to them and not live the lives their parents think they"re living. I will examine and try to explain why parents are so closed-minded about homosexuality and why they won't accept the facts when their child is gay.
             Nobody knows how homosexuality became a thing of disgust and hatred, in Greek and Roman times people would sleep with both men and women or vise versa. Since then, Homosexuality has been seen as something degrading, sick, and totally unaccepted. Many teens are afraid to come out because their parents might react in a way they won't expect. Many times, kids would see their parents talk and be friendly with a gay person, and so their kids would automatically assume that their parents are Gay-Friendly. Adding on, most of the time they"re just being friendly because they might "feel pity for them" or they just don't want other people to know they don't approve of gays.
             This is why so many gay teens go through depressed times, because they get confused from their parent's actions and don't know what to do. Many parents make the mistake of not talking to their kids about homosexuality, so most kids don't have an adult to talk to about their problems. .
             There are many reasons why parents might be against homosexuality. One of the most common reasons is because their parents might be the religious type, and thus they might not approve of it. The main religions that don't approve of same-sex lovers are: Catholics, Christians, Jehovah's Witness, and Mormons.

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