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             When homosexuality happens to come up, it tends to give me the chills. The slight thought of homosexuality makes me want to vomit. Many conservatives lie myself were brought up thinking that homosexuality is immoral and just plane wrong. In a poll whether Homosexual Relations between consenting Adults Should Be Legal, in 1977 33% of the public stated that it should be legal. Then in 1986 33%, in 1996 44% and in the year 2003 60% of the public said it should be legal (Supreme Court Strikes down Texas sodomy law). Though, Robert Knight, a spokesman for the Conservative Culture and Family Institute, argues that the legalizing of homosexual marriages would lead to more deaths among gay men from sexual transmitted diseases. How schoolchildren are being taught that homosexual sodomy is equivalent to marital sex (author unknown).
             In the twenty first century states quo is more accepting of homosexuality. However, it tends not to like the site of jesters of intimacy between them shown in public. To prove the fact that time has changed and people are more accepting of homosexuality, I would like to focus on the John Geddes Lawrence case. Where Lawrence and Garner argue the fact that the Bowers v. Hardwich case should be overruled and his right to privacy which is protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (Counsel of Petitioners pg. i ).
             As erly as the 1960's, every state had some type of anti-sodomy law. Thirteen of those states have and enforce their anti-sodomy laws four of them would be Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. These four states prohibit same-sex couples to act upon oral and anal-sex between the two. In the state of Texas, the Houston Police was called to respond to a call regarding a crazed gunman. .
             Though, in reality it was Roger Nance calling and falsifying the crazed gunman because he had a dispute with two male acquaintances. Nance falsified his crazed gunman in order the Harris County sheriffs department to be able to fined John Lawrence and Tyrone Garner engaging in anal-sex ( Kolker, Claudia.

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