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            God created men and women to rule over other living creatures and God also gave men the free will to choose his or her own sexuality. But still, issues surrounding the topic of homosexuality have sparked emotional debate in our society today. Nations in the world are currently embroiled in debate over the acceptance of openly gay soldiers in different military fields while homosexuality also confronts a growing number of cases in courts over the legal rights of gay people with respect to marriage, adoption, insurance and inheritance. Nowadays, homosexuality is a favorite theme for radio and television talk shows and it is addressed now more than ever in casual conversation. The issue of homosexuality has always been changeable, and it is sure to continue to inflame many political passions and moral values.
             Homosexuality contrasts with heterosexuality, sexual orientation toward people of the opposite sex. People with a sexual orientation toward members of both sexes are called bisexuals. Female homosexuals are frequently called lesbians. In recent years, the term gay has been applied to both homosexual men and women.
             For more than a century, studies have been conducted on the cause of homosexuality. There are two factors, the environmental influences and biological factors. Boys with absent fathers, girls with absent mothers get stuck in developmental limbo and seek masculine or feminine fulfillment through sex with member of their own gender.
             In view of the above, this research seeks to address common questions about homosexuality and at the same time, discuss the different points of views on homosexuality.
             American conservatives are waging an all-but battle to prevent legalization of homosexual marriages and transformation of their body parts better known as transsexuality. They believe that homosexuality can cause AIDS and other possible sexually transmitted diseases. Therapists and churches have also tried to change gays by means of including drugs, electroshock and even testicular transplant.

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