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            Homosexuality is an old issue that was mentioned and dealt with in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Nowadays, this issue is a serious debate in the U.S on whether homosexuals should have civil rights such as; serving in the military, adopting children, getting married, boy/ girl scout leaders, and most importantly the right to have the relationship without feeling rejected, and to be treated like everyone else. Nobody wants anyone to encroach upon his freedom, privacy, or choice. The fourteenth amendment in the U.S does not allow people there to be made second class citizens or denied equal rights others have. In the U.S the importance of freedom is highly valued. The U.S grants the rights for its citizens to choose, and determine their lives, because everyone is created equal. No one wants any limits on his attitudes, beliefs or behavior. The liberal moral there is highly regarded. Furthermore, homosexuals in particular want other people to accept their lifestyles as the norm. Homosexuals want to hold hands, kiss each other in public, and behave as freely as they want, while others treat it as normal behavior. They do not want to be discriminated against or made fun of for what they believe. This relates to the freedom of choice there. Consequently, the U.S is beginning to act like it is their right to have homosexual citizens, and it is becoming more common. In other words, heterosexuals can not be made special. Due to the democracy, liberty, and freedom that the law emphasizes there, homosexuals dare, and are willing to express, their beliefs without fear, intimidation, or dismay. However, in the Middle East it is a different issue. Muslims look down upon acts like that along with Christians. Homosexuals themselves in the Middle East will not be willing to admit it. Not just because homosexuality is a sin, but because it is also shameful and intimidating. All religious patriarchs in the Middle East unanimously believe it is one of the most horrible sins.

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