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Homosexual Parenting

            It is estimated that six to fourteen million minors nationwide live in a household with at least one gay parent. However, lawmakers and conservatist religious groups continue to campaign against homosexual parenting, above all, against the ability to adopt. To completely understand the issue the primary focus should be the effect that same-sex parenting has on the children.
             This nation may have some misunderstandings and preconceived notions when approaching homosexual adoption. Conservative groups typically believe that gay men are more likely to sexually abuse children, along with the assumption that gay parents raise gay children. This group also likes to believe that the children of gay parents have more domestic and social problems than children of heterosexual parents. Perhaps the most weighted argument of conservative groups against homosexual parenting is that children need a traditional role model, both male and female. In other words, every child has a right to both a mother and a father. It is believed that gays and lesbians would rather take a childs chance at a normal family life in order to fulfill their own personal desires. .
             Although people on both sides of this spectrum have completely different views their have only been a few actual studies conducted. A substantial amount of these studies have had the same unequivocal conclusion. Research conducted by the American Psychological Association has found that children raised in a homosexual environment have grown to be equally successful as those raised in heterosexual homes. In the course of personal research, a study to suggest otherwise was not found.
             Furthermore, the connection between sexual orientation and child abusers cannot be found. This issue has been thoroughly researched by such diverse organizations as the Child Welfare League of America and the Connecticut Correctional Institute. By definition, there is a difference between Homosexuality and Pedophilia.

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