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Gay Rights

             According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, a family is "the basic unit in society having as its nucleus two or more adults living together and cooperating in the care and rearing of their own or adopted children. (Marriage Laws, 1) So two adults of the same sex could abide by this rule. The Catholics are very hypocritical in their views of homosexuality. It is discriminatory to people not heterosexual because homosexuality is a natural, uncontrollable preference. The federal government should not be allowed to regulate what happens between church and state. .
             Massachusetts' highest court ruled Tuesday that it is illegal under the state's constitution to ban gay marriages, but left it up to the state Legislature to decide whether the state should amend its Constitution to legalize gay marriages or unions. The decision was made public following months of debate after seven gay couples were denied marriage licenses in the state and then sued the state Department of Public Health. A lower court tossed the lawsuit out, but the couples then took it to the Supreme Judicial Court. The Massachusetts Constitution affirms the dignity and equality of all individuals. It forbids the creation of second-class citizens. This is how it should be everywhere. Equality of all individuals should not even be a question. The court decided that it is fundamentally unfair under Massachusetts's law to prevent gay couples from being allowed to marry. (Antle, 1).
             In the struggle for the legalization of gay marriages, the government is trying to create many regulations. The question is should the federal government be able to intervene in what happens between church and state? The government singles out a minority and decides that they cannot marry because of principled reasons. It is said that the federal government is founded on Christianity, which is the majority of the people. If it is ok to single out homosexuals and say that they may not be wed, we might as well just say that only Caucasian Christians are allowed to marry.

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