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Human Rights Speech: Gay Marriage

            Gay marriage is a topic that I am sure that most people frown upon on, and when hearing the news of a gay couple getting married, they would look at both of them in complete horror, with a look of disgust painted across their faces. There have been countless debates on gay marriage rights for many years, but it hasn't come to an end.
             People these days have lost track of the true meaning of marriage. Therefore, I put this question to you: What is the definition of marriage? I believe that it is a great bond of two people joining together to establish a particularly intimate friendship. Take into consideration how I didn't mention two words, 'man' and 'woman'. Marriage doesn't need to be a bond between a man and a woman, but it also can be a remarkable bond between a man and man, or a woman and woman. 'Homosexuals choose to be gay, they are making an immoral choice and therefore the government should discourage it'. This statement is wrong. .
             Scientific researchers publications have reported genetic scans showing a cluster of the same genetic pattern among gay men on three specific chromosomes: seven, eight and ten. The regions on chromosomes seven and eight were related to the male sexual orientation, regardless of whether the man got them from his mother or father. The regions on chromosome ten were only related with male sexual orientation if they were inherited from the mother. .
             Every human being is equal, and they should have the right to be with the person they truly love. Gays should therefore have the rights to be able to marry their significant other and should deserve just as many rights as an 'ordinary' married couple have. Why should these people who are born a little different be treated differently? .
             In today's society, a majority of peoplehave the perception of being gay as 'abnormal', and this leads to the severe discrimination of homosexuals. Some of them get so affected, that they start to have suicidal thoughts.

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