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America's Issue of Same-Sex Marriage

            Same-Sex Marriage has become one of the biggest issues in the United States. Most of the states allow same sex-marriage but other states don't approve of this because some people believe that humans should be married with the other sex. They believe it's against a lot of things from religion, to the people's point of view. But I believe same sex-marriage should be allowed because we have the right to marry whoever we please to marry without any conflict. The people that are for same sex-marriage have a Liberal response. As for the people that are against same sex-marriage they have their Conservative response. I'm for same-sex marriage so I would have a liberal response. My liberal response is that Freedom for all means freedom for all.  As this country was founded on the freedom of religion, to base laws on religion is unconstitutional.  The LGBT community deserves the same rights, and protections, under the law as everyone else.  If two people love each other, there's no legal standing as to why their desire for marriage should be denied.  Being gay is as much a choice as being straight. But as I read in an article a man said Homosexuality is a sin.  God will reign down misery on the United States if gays are allowed to marry.  If two men/women are allowed to marry, does that mean people can then marry a horse or a rock?  Homosexuality is a choice; these people chose to be gay.  Homosexuality threatens traditional marriage, the family and our moral structure as a society! So as you can see the main difference between conservative and liberal is that liberal is when you open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values. As for conservative it's about holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion. As seen in (Article1) they show a liberal response. They talk about how gay-marriage is a good thing for public health.

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