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Obama on Gay Marriage

            Gay marriage is a big problem in the U. Controversy surrounding gay marriage is an issue which has spanned decades. Until now, homosexuals have been looked down upon and treated unfairly. Nowadays, more and more people claim that they are in the favor of gay rights. But when it all comes down to gay marriage, many still disapprove of it. Most of the time, people only care about their own judgment and happiness for themselves. However, the thought of people tends to change as time passes. Isn't it human rights that we are all fighting so hard for? The website for Gay Marriage, "17 States with Legal Gay Marriage and 33 States with Same-Sex Marriage Bans"("Automatically"). Being considerate about that, on May 9, 2012, Barack Obama spoke out in support for gay marriage. Regarding the coming election in fall, it is risky that Obama claimed his approval of this delicate ground. But there are reasons to say that his attitude towards gay marriage evolves in a sensible way.
             Homosexuals are human. Human need freedom, they can get marriage. Homosexuals should be allowed to marry and form families because after all, they are human. It is contradictory that while the constitution dictates the equality of all genders, it is written that marriage is limited to only a man and a woman. Often, people deny gays' right to marry when tradition, religious beliefs, and family values are discussed. It is highly respected to honor our tradition and religions. But homosexual people are a part of our society. Each of them is a legal citizen, they work, they pay taxes and they take part in social activities. Thus, there is no reason to deny their existence as well as their rights. In addition, real figures show that homosexuals can do a better job of being married than some heterosexuals. According to Danielle Kurtzlebend from The Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control's National Vital Statistics System, he reported that "in states that recognize or perform gay marriages, the number of divorces in 2009 was 41.

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