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America, Religion and Gay Rights

             In our country we have created our society based on the belief of individual freedom. The common ideology in the United States political culture is a thought that enforces the importance of individual rights and liberties, more closely known as liberalism. Gay Rights has been a prominent issue in the United States, trying to attain their equality.
             II. With the progression of time, people's views regarding gay marriage have had a drastic change. "When same sex couples first claimed an equal legal right to marry in the 1970s, their claims were quickly rejected. In the 1990s however, some legislative proposals and court decisions supported the concept, reflecting the first stirrings of cultural change within specific states" (Pearson 181). The thoughts/concepts of these cultural changes caused voters and legislatures to enact new legal measures in order to ban same-sex marriages. This, however, did not discourage homosexuals from giving up this battle. Homosexuals put up a fight that led to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that same-sex couples should be able to marry in the same manner as heterosexual couples (Pearson 181). .
             In 2005 though, California legislatures enacted law to legalize same sex marriage but it is vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Pearson 182). It has been an ongoing fight whether gay marriage should be legalized in the United States And as time goes by we see homosexuals getting closer to their goal. On May 2012, many gay rights advocates applauded the change of president Obamas position even though at the present no-federal legislative proposal to ensure gay marriage in the 50 states. Around the same time, the President Announced his position, the voters of North Carolina passed a measure to ban same-sex marriages. As well as 29 other states have made similar moves (Pearson 268). This is how the United States political system has been on the never-ending war of whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage.

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